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3 Sailboats with a Beautiful Sunset

An original sea glass art piece featuring 3 sea glass sailboats, gliding beautifully in full sail, with the sun about to set on the horizon. It's an awesome, calming scene.  A great birthday, housewarming, anniversary or Mother's Day gift.

It comes in an 8" X 10" frame with glass over the top.


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The Patriotic Eagle

This is Americana at its finest.  A proud, sea glass eagle over a watercolor American flag. 

A respectable and patriotic gift for veterans, for those who love eagles, or those who love to decorate their homes in the Americana style.

It comes to you in a 8 x 10 frame with glass over the top.

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It’s a gorgeous day, full sun, a calm breeze.  The water is sparkling with dancing stars.  Out towards the islands you see them, they are all enjoying the day, sails full as they sweep across the bay.  The regatta of sailboats captures your breath, so calm, beautiful and mesmerizing. This art comes to you in an 8” x 10” gray frame. Free shipping

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Colorful Sea Glass Art Birds

Beautiful, colorful, sea glass art birds on a branch. 

Yellow, orange, and red birds on a driftwood branch with lots of green sea glass leaves.


Simple and clean, a lovely piece for those who love color and those who love birds.




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Forever and Always

This is an original sea glass bird art piece with 2 white, sea glass doves on a tree limb with green sea glass leaves. The doves are kissing and the words "Forever and Always" are written in calligraphy on the bottom. 

This makes a wonderful birthday gift, shower or wedding gift, anniversary gift or Mother’s Day gift.

It comes in an 8" x 10" white frame with glass over the top.


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3 Pastel Birds

This sea glass birds art piece is simple and lovely. It comes in an 8" X 10" gray frame with pastel birds on a single tree branch with pastel green leaves.

It has a double mat and makes a beautiful birthday gift, or housewarming gift for the sea glass lover and/or bird lover in your circle of family and friends.



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Loving Couple - Variegated Sunset

This is a beautiful pebble art loving couple.  The bench is made of driftwood. 

The sunset is so very pretty with all the different colors, it makes this pebble art piece precious. It would work terrific for a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding  or Mother's Day gift.

It comes to you in an 8 x 10 gray frame with glass over the top.

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Loving Couple - Mt. Baker

This loving couple are sitting on a driftwood bench admiring beautiful, majestic Mt. Baker. A great idea for a birthday, wedding, engagement, or anniversary gift. Or, you can purchase and add customization. 

Send us your picture. It will come out a little like a painting because of the process we use. The loving couple will have your own personalized background.  What a great way to relive a memory.

8 x 10 gray frame with glass over the top.

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Loving Couple - Orange Sunset

Couple embracing on a bench with a beautiful sunset in the background.  The couple is made of pebbles, the bench is made of driftwood. The background is handmade sunset artwork inspired by an actual Bellingham area sunset.

A truly gorgeous romantic gift.

It comes in an 8 x 10 gray frame with glass over the top.

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